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About Us

"Our mission is to make our student succeed in their career"

Compu21 is a training center that offers consulting services, and high-tech innovation trainings, headquartered in Flushing, New York since 1998.
Compu21 has more than 21 years of experience and owns a New York State License for Private Business Schools. It provides IT consulting services to a variety of businesses and it also develops cutting edge technologies in the wireless and communication fields.
Compu21 has trained more than a thousand IT professionals and people from all backgrounds into computer professionals each year. Compu21 offers more than 30 certified comprehensive training courses for all levels. All courses are taught by experienced and certified trainers and professionals, most of them possess decades of IT and training experience.
Students in Compu21 get affordable hands-on trainings and practices opportunities in our labs. Compu21 is a New York State Licensed Private Business School and a New York State Labor Department Certified Training Provider. Compu21 trains hundreds of students who have lost their jobs and are in the process of going back to the workforce each year.
Compu21 is committed to offer cutting edge curriculum that enable clients to deploy a full range of technologies and help professionals either enhance their careers or plan for new careers.  To inquire about registering for courses, please use our online inquiry form.

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