Office Technology

Course Description

The student will acquire basic keyboarding skills, learn computer terminology, format and process documents including reports, manuscripts, letters, and memoranda.

The course will cover office procedure, introduction to computer, keyboarding, Microsoft Office and office accounting with QuickBooks.

Entrance Requirements: HIGH SCHOOL/GED/TASC and familiarity using a PC


- Students will be able to prepare common business documents.
- Students will meet or exceed current speed and accuracy requirements for employability in industry
- Students will be able to demonstrate business communication skills.
- Students will be able to utilize appropriate office technology.

Course Content

• Office Procedure – 54hrs
• Introduction to Computer (1) – 81hrs
• Introduction to Computer (2) – 81hrs
• Keyboarding – 108hrs
• Microsoft Office – 216hrs
• Office Accounting with QuickBooks – 108hrs


648 Hours


One-to-One delivery mode: $60/hour