Advanced Oracle DBA

Course Description

Provide advanced Oracle DBA 10g training focusing on hands-on skills Copy/Clone/Rename/Move/ Oracle Database. Oracle for Unix DB2 or Sybase. Oracle Replication. Upon completion of training students will be able to get Completion Certificates and we will help her/him to find position in the field she / he is pursuing.

You will learn

  • Oracle installation and migration
  • Tuning and implement Oracle
  • Copy database and distribute data
  • Oracle 11g & 12c new features
  • Monitoring of Oracle

Course Outline

Oracle installation and migration
  • Oracle env variable setup
  • Install Oracle in Sun-Solaris
  • Applying patches to Oracle
  • Migration oracle database
  • Oracle using shares memory and how to setup system parameters.
  • Setup daily oracle cron job for the backup & other maintenance.
Tuning and implement Oracle
  • Capacity planning
  • Physical design RAID (Disk Manager)
  • Tuning I/O & memory
  • Advance SQL tuning
Copy database and distribute data
  • Change database name
  • Copy database from one server to others using cold/hot backup.
  • Distributed data using oracle tool (snapshot, db_link, copy and so on)
  • Standby database setup
Oracle 11g & 12c new features
  • Data transports by tablespaces
  • Choose different block size within singe database
  • Partition table and partition index.
  • The Pros & Cons of Partition
  • Other new features
Monitoring of Oracle
  • Oracle daily monitoring
  • Reversing DDL using Log Miner
  • Benchmarking (stress test on various physical designs)
  • Oracle Data Warehouse
  • Oracle DBA interview tips & techniques with useful administration scripts
Microsoft SQL Server
  • Architectures compare with Oracle
  • Create database, create table space, create user, setup securities.
  • Tuning database
  • Loading data using tool (export, import, loader)
  • Backup and recovery.
  • Integration and interface with other vendor products


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