Advanced SAS Programming

Course Description

This course is designed to train students who are either SAS developer or finished the SAS training course in Compu21 to become Sr. SAS developers. Upon completion of training students will be able to get Completion Certificates and we will help her/him to find position in the field she / he is pursuing.

You will learn

  • Using advanced DATA step programming statements and efficiency techniques to solve complex problems.
  • Writing and interpreting SAS SQL code.
  • Creating and using the SAS MACRO facility.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Accessing Data Using SQL
  • Generate detail reports by working with a single table, joining tables, or using set operators in the SQL procedure.
  • Generate summary reports by working with a single table, joining tables, or using set operators in the SQL procedure.
  • Construct sub-queries and in-line views within an SQL procedure step.
  • Compare solving a problem using the SQL procedure versus using traditional SAS programming techniques.
  • Access Dictionary Tables using the SQL procedure.
Unit 2: Macro Processing
  • Create and use user-defined and automatic macro variables within the SAS Macro Language.
  • Automate programs by defining and calling macros using the SAS Macro Language.
  • Understand the use of macro functions.
  • Use various system options that are available for macro debugging and displaying values of user-defined and automatic macro variables in the SAS log.
  • Create data-driven programs using SAS Macro Language.
Unit 3: Advanced Programming Techniques
  • Demonstrate the use of advanced data look-up techniques such as array processing, hash objects, formats, and merging.
  • Reduce computing resource requirements by controlling the space required to store SAS data sets.
  • Use the FCMP procedure to create a user-defined function.
  • Perform effective benchmarking.
  • Use SAS indexes.
  • Compare techniques to eliminate duplicate data.


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