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Job Placement

Job Placement Assistance

Compu21 has helped hundreds of students to find high-paid computer professional positions each year. Compu21’s added value is to help the candidates to write a professional resume and train each candidate on a one-on-one basis, help them improve their interviewing skills and then Compu21 presents the candidates to its clients. Compu21 has built an excellent reputation with its clients by providing the right candidates with the right skills set.
Therefore, the candidates presented by Compu21 have always been treated with high priority by its clients and the success rate to get the job has been over 70%.
Our Career Services provide to all Compu21 students and alumni a wide range of programs and services designed to assist in career development, job search and exploration of employment opportunities. These services enable Compu21 students to make informed choices with regard to setting new career goals either in their field or in a new occupational area and assert the necessary steps to achieve these goals.
These services include:

Career Counseling — The counseling staff helps students in choosing a major and clarifying career goals through assessment of interests, skills, and values.  We also assist with resume preparation, mock interviews and job search strategies.

Resume Referral — Resumes of qualified students are forwarded to employers for specific job openings.

Job Postings — listings of full-time, part-time and summer positions for entry level to experienced job seekers are posted on the School board and Web site.

Career Panels/Seminars — During the academic year, successful alumni and other professionals come to School to discuss career paths in a wide variety of fields.  Panelists describe their careers and current trends and offer suggestions in preparation for the competitive job market.