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Web Graphic Design

I. Photoshop UNIT 1    Introduction to Photoshop and Its basic skills The Big Picture 1. Pixels & Resolution 2. …


    I. Photoshop

    UNIT 1    Introduction to Photoshop and Its basic skills

    • The Big Picture
      1. Pixels & Resolution
      2. Color
      3. Exploring the Interface
      4. Choosing File Formats
      5. Viewing & Navigating Images
    • Setting Up Like a Pro
      1. Setting User Preferences
      2. Choosing Color Settings
      3. Customizing the Workspace
      4. Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
      5. Using Rulers & Guides
    • Creating New Images
    • Scanning image into Photoshop
    • Importing existing images into Photoshop
    • Basic Layer skills
    • Creating, deleting, moving and locking layers
    • Basic Selection Skills
    • The basic selection tools

    UNIT 2    Photoshop Tools, Selection skills in depth

    • Using the painting and Drawing tools
    • Brushes
    • Gradient Editor
    • Typing
    • Using filters
    • Photoshop build-in filters
    • Third Party filters
    • Using Guides and the Grid for Alignment
    • Creating selections using Quick Mask
    • Creating selection using Corel Knockout 2.0
    • Saving Selections with the Channel
    • Other selection skills

    UNIT  3   Layer in Depth and Image composition

    • Layer Management
    • Layer Style
    • Layer Transparent
    • Layer Blending
    • Layer Transformation
    • Clipping Group
    • Creating an image composition

    UNIT  4   Photo Retouching, Web site layout in Photoshop

    • Correcting Exposure
    1. Adjustment layers
    2. The correct way to read a Histogram
    3. Levels
    4. Shadow/Highlight
    • Correcting Color
    1. Correcting for color casts
    2. Hue and Saturation
    3. Vibrance
    4. Colorizing an image
    • Image Manipulation Tools
    1. Importance of Soft Brushes with manipulation tools
    2. Burn and Dodge Tools
    3. Saturate/Desaturate Tools
    4. Healing Brush
    5. Patch Tool
    6. Spot Healing Brush (Enhanced for CS5)
    7. Red Eye Removal Tool
    8. Clone Stamp Tool
    9. Content Aware Fill (New to CS5)

    UNIT  5   Web Graphics

    • Web graphics overview
    • Creating Banners and animation GIFs
    • Banner dimensions and Restrictions
    • Creating a Static Banner
    • Creating an animated banner
    • Creating buttons and Rollovers
    • Creating navigations Bars
    • Using slides for layout

    II. Illustrator

    Unit 1     Getting to Know the Work Area

    • Difference between vector graphics and raster (bitmap) images
    • Viewing art board
    • Using the Illustrator tools
    • Changing the view of artwork
    • Using the Selection tool
    • Using the Direct Selection tool

     Creating Shapes

    • Creating basic shapes
    • Using basic shape tools

     Color and Painting

    • Color Mode
    • Using the fills and strokes
    • Building and saving your own custom color
    • Using Illustrator swatch libraries
    • Working with gradients
    • Save your artwork

    Transforming Objects

    • Scaling objects
    • Reflecting objects
    • Rotating objects
    • Distorting objects
    • Shearing objects
    • Positioning objects precisely
    • Changing the perspective
    • Using the Free Transform tool

    Practice Work: Logo Design

    Unit 2

    Drawing with the Pen Tool

    • Creating straight lines
    • Creating curved paths
    • Building a curve
    • Curves and corner anchor points

    Introduction to Working with Layers

    • Creating layers
    • Locking layers
    • Viewing layers
    • Pasting layers
    • sub-layers
    • Merging layers
    • Isolating Layers
    • Creating clipping masks
    • Using types as a mask

     Working with type

    • Understanding text flow
    • Typographic Characters
    • Wrapping text around a graphic
    • Creating outlines

     Working with Images

    • Import Images
    • Export Images
    • Photoshop filter effects
    • Link images

    Practice Work: Customizing T-shirt artwork

    Unit 3     Enhanced Graphics

    • Patterns
    • Drawing with the brush tool
    • Using symbol Tools
    • Styles
    • Transparency
    • Layer Blending Modes


    • Shape modes vs. pathfinders
    • Compound paths
    • Join paths

    Practice Work: Create a Flyer

    Unit 4     Advanced Drawing in Illustrator

    • Transforming Objects
    • Working with Blended Objects
    • Gradient Mesh Tool

    Unit 5     Special Effects

    •  Stylize
    • distort/transform
    • 3D effect

    Practice Work: Poster Design

    Unit 6     Live Paint

    • Editing Color with Live Colors
    • Creating a Color Group with Live  Color
    • Working with Live Paint/Auto trace

    Practice Work: CD Cover Design


    • Create slices for objects and layers by
    • using  the Slice tools
    • Save for web-ready files


    • Crop marks and trim marks in a document
    • Resolution and rasterization settings in the document
    • Criteria used when you would output an Illustrator document to various file formats, such as SWF, PSD, JPEG, GIF, PDF, SVG….
    • Basic color modes used in Adobe Illustrator, such as HSB, RGB, CMYK….

    III. HTML and Dreamweaver CS5

    Unit 1     Introduction to HTML and Dreamweaver CS5

    HTML Introduction

    • Explain hypermedia vs. linear media
    • Define HTML
    • Understand HTML Element Structure
    • Describe the Basic Document Structure
    • Describe how HTML works
    • Choose a Text Editor.
    • Create a Basic Starting Document.
    • Understand and Set Document Properties.

    Overview of the Dreamweaver Environment

    • View Your Results in a Browser. Identify the main components of Dreamweaver’s environment.
    • Select and modify Dreamweaver’s Preferences

    Site Management in Dreamweaver

    • Understand how websites are typically structured
    • Set up a website in Dreamweaver’s Site Window
    • Use Dreamweaver’s Site Management features

    Unit 2   HTML Styles, Links, Site upload

    Formatting Text

    • Formatting text on the web
    • Changing the font properties
    • Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
    • Fonts and class styles
    • Creating styles
    • Creating tag selectors
    • Creating advanced styles
    • Exporting CSS style definitions
    • Attaching external style sheets
    • Creating a new style sheet


    • Create an UnOrdered List
    • Create an Ordered List
    • Create a Definition List
    • Nest Lists

    Anchors and URLs

    • Insert links into documents
    • Define Link Types
    • Define URL
    • List some commonly used URLs

    In this section, you learn how to find a hosting company, or host a site by yourself. Upload the site to the web server by using Dreamweaver or some other FTP tools such as CuteFTP, WS-FTP.

    Unit 3   Images, Tables, and Forms

    Images and Image Maps

    • Distinguish between supported graphics formats and unsupported graphics formats
    • Determine which graphic format is best for the type of image
    • Add images to your pages
    • Use the Assets Panel
    • Use images as links
    • Create image maps
    • Create a Photo Album for fun


    • Create a Table
    • Change a Table’s properties
    • Edit a Table
    • Modify a Table Cell and it’s properties
    • Perform advanced Table editing
    • Use Dreamweaver’s Tabular Data Import Use Dreamweaver’s Navigation Bar Control
    • Use Dreamweaver’s Layout View


    • Create a Form
    • Add elements to a Form
    • Configure the Form for Processing
    • Understand the Client/Server Relationship
    • Understand the CGI Script/Form Process

    Unit 4   Page Layout, Frames, Navigation System    Design


    • Create a Frames based page
    • Work with the Frameset, Frame, and Noframes elements
    • Use the attributes of the Frames elements to control the look of the Frameset
    • Set Targets appropriately

    Unit 5 CSS

    • Tableless layout using CSS

    Unit 6   JavaScript and JQuery

    • Basic JavaScript Concept
    • Create a navigation bar
    • Create rollover button
    • Create Jump Menu
    • JQuery Concept

    Unit 7 Building Whole Web site

    • Setting up your site and project files
    • Creating the page layout
    • Adding content to pages
    • Adding the main image text
    • Adding the Spry menu
    • Publishing your website

    IV. Adobe Flash Professional

    1. The Flash Environment, drawing tools

    • The Flash Work Environment
    • Vector vs. Raster Graphics
    • Timeline, Frame, Key Frame, Empty Frame
    • Basic Drawing and Painting Tools
    • Creating Custom Colors, Gradients, and Line
    • Styles
    • Selecting Objects
    • Object Interaction
    • Transforming and Grouping Objects
    • Bitmap Images

    Working with Text

    • Text Blocks Converting Text into Shapes

    Multiple Layers in a Movie

    • Creating and Managing Multiple Layers Topic
    • 5B: Mask Layers Topic 5C: Aligning Objects

    2.  Symbols and Instances and Animation   in Flash

    • Frame-by-Frame Animation
    • Shape-Tweened Animation
    • Motion-Tweened Animation
    • Guide Layers
    • Mask Animations

    Publishing Your Flash Movie

    • Selecting Your Publishing Settings
    • Previewing and Publishing Files

    Symbols and Instances

    • What is a Symbol?
    • Graphic Symbols
    • Movie Clip Symbols
    • Button Symbols
    • Managing Symbols and Instances

     Organizing Large Projects

    • Scenes
    • Frame Labels

    3.  Interactivity in Flash

    • Basic Playback Control
    • Creating Advanced Navigation Controls

     Working with Sound

    • Importing Sounds
    • Event vs. Streaming Sounds
    • Testing and Publishing a Flash Movie
    • Evaluating Download Performance
    • Optimization Factors
    • Exporting and Publishing Movies

    4. Adding Sound and Video in Flash

    • Using Sound and Video
    • Editing Sound and Video
    • Compression, Codecs, and Plug-ins
    • Delivering Media Online
    • File Size Considerations
    • Importing Sound into a Document
    • Adding and Customizing Sound
    • Adding Sound to a Button
    • Importing Video into Flash
    • Encoding the Video

    5. Basic ActionScript 

    • Add ActionScript to a button
    • Link a movie to a url /Enabling the timeline
    • Object Orinted Programing concept
    • Dot syntax / Get Property, Set Property

    6. Intermediate ActionScript 

    • Flash 8 Event Model
    • Popup window within Flash
    • Preloader  Drag and Drop
    • Attach movie, Load Movie, Duplicate movie
    • Swap Depth, Scrolling Content
    • Navigation

    7. Publishing Documents in Flash 

    • Adding Metadata and Publishing SWF Files
    • Detecting Flash Player
    • Embedding an SWF File in an HTML P

    V. InDesign

    Session 1: Exploring the InDesign Environment

    • Explore the InDesign Environment
    • Customize the Interface
    • Explore Navigation Controls
    • Set General and Interface Preferences

    Session 2: Designing Documents and Enhancing Documents

    • Create a New Document
    • Add Text
    • Add Graphic
    • Convert Other Application Files to
    • Format Characters and Paragraphs
    • Apply Color, Swatches, and Gradients
    • Apply Fills and Strokes
    • Create and Apply Styles

    Session 3: Working with Page Elements, Managing Objects

    • Arrange Objects
    • Align Objects
    • Manage Page Elements with Layers
    • Set Up Pages
    • Transform Objects
    • Edit Objects
    • Thread Text Frames
    • Search and Replace Objects
    • Edit Text

    Session 4: Working with Tables

    • Create a Table
    • Modify a Table Structure
    • Format a Table
    • Create Table and Cell Styles

    Session 5: Handling Page Elements, Managing Styles

    • Create Duplicate Items
    • Handle Text Layout
    • Create Transparency
    • Create Anchored Objects
    • Manage a Library
    • Import Styles from Microsoft Word Documents
    • Create Nested Styles
    • Create Related Styles
    • Apply Styles in a Sequence
    • Manage Style Overrides
    • Redefine Styles
    • Break the Link between Styles

    Session 6: Developing Complex Paths

    • Create Bézier Paths
    • Create Clipping Paths
    • Create Compound Paths
    • Create Type Outlines

    Session 7: Administering External Files and XML

    • Import Layered Files
    • Merge Data
    • Integrate XML into a Document
    • Import XML Content
    • Create a Snippet

    Session 8: Managing Long Documents

    • Insert Footnotes
    • Insert Text Variables
    • Create Text Conditions
    • Create Document Sections
    • Create a Book
    • Create the Table of Contents
    • Create Hyperlinks
    • Create Cross-References
    • Generate an Index

    Session 9: Finalizing Documents

    • Check Documents for Errors
    • Print a Document
    • Package Files
    • Export PDF Files for Commercial
    • Printing
    • Prepare PDF Files for Web
    • Distribution

    Session 10: Exporting InDesign Files in Other Formats

    • Export PDF Files
    • Export Files for the Web
    • Export Files for Animation

    Session 11: Adjusting Print Settings

    • Manage Colors
    • Preview the Print Output
    • Create Print Presets

    IV. Fundamental Programming in C#.Net

    Lecture 1:  Introduction to Microsoft.Net Framework Software Development

    • Introduction to Microsoft.Net Architecture
    • Getting to know Visual Studio .Net Integration Development Environment (IDE)
    • Understanding components of Web-based application development
    • Prepare personal desktop for .Net development

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Develop simple .Net Windows Application
    • Develop simple .Net Console Application
    • Develop simple ASP.Net Application

    Lecture 2:  Introduction to C# Programming Language

    • Defining Variables
    • Flow Control (Conditional/Loops)
    • Data types (Predefined/Value/Reference)
    • Classes, Structures
    • Exceptional handling
    • Using Base Class Library
    • Programming guideline

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Visual Studio .Net (Tips and tricks)
    • Programming C# using Visual Studio .Net 2008/2010
    • Writing C# library components

    Lecture 3:  C# Object Oriented Programming      with C#

    • Overloading/Overwriting methods/operators
    • Delegates and Events
    • Interfaces and Inheritance
    • Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Design banking object model (using design patterns)
    • Create banking library components

    Lecture 4:  ASP.Net architecture

    • Introduction to Web Forms architecture
    • Designing and Populating Web Forms with HTML tags and server controls
    • Adding event procedures to Web Server controls
    • Introduction to Internet Information Services (IIS) web server architecture
    • Creating a Web Site and Web Applications

    Hands-On Lab:

    • Create Web Site
    • Create Survey Entry Form
    • Create banking application

    Lecture 5:  ASP.Net Architecture (Continued…)

    • Anatomies of an ASP.Net application
    • Web Form Life Cycle
    • State Managements – Application State/Session State/Cookie State/View State
    • ASP.Net Caching – Optimizing Web Form page performance
    • Configuring Web Application

    Hands-On Lab

    • Create authentication and authorization module
    • Enable ASP.Net banking application to be state-full

    Lecture 6:  ASP.Net Server Controls

    • Overview of ASP.Net Server Controls
    • HTML and Web Form Servers Controls
    • Design time and Run-time control creation
    • Introduction to User Controls

    Hand-On Lab :

    • Create banking application (continued…)

    Lecture 7:  ADO.Net architecture

    • Introduction to ADO.Net object model
    • Using ADO.Net to manipulating SQL Server 2005/2008 database
    • Binding data ADO.Net to ASP.Net list-bound server controls.
    • What is new in SQL Server 2005/2008

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Connecting to SQL Server 2005/2008
    • Performing updates to data via ADO.Net
    • Retrieving data from database using ADO.Net
    • Binding retrieved data to ASP.Net controls
    • Convert banking application to database driven application

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