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Software Quality Assurance – SQA

Software Quality Assurance – SQA Description With the continued expansion of Information Technology in our lives, the demand for quality …


    Software Quality Assurance – SQA


    With the continued expansion of Information Technology in our lives, the demand for quality products along with qualified and skilled Quality Assurance Professionals are also rising. Individuals with practical knowledge of designing and implementing high quality software procedures in all the phases of software development can increase their earning potential,  improve their chances of professional advancement  and achieve considerable edge in this highly competitive yet expanding  job market. Our Software Quality Assurance course will provide the students in-depth understanding of manual and automated testing of client server and web based Application.  This course will also equip them with the knowledge of using the most advanced and updated tools for software testing in the cutting edge environment.


    Students will be able to:

    • Understand software development methodologies, underlying technologies and testing process and techniques
    • Analyze requirements and develop various testing documents based on technical document.
    • Manually test functionality of  both client server and web based application
    • Understand database structure and SQL quires for performing Back End Testing
    • Understand the Unix/Linux environment and uses for testing
    • Understand the concept of Object oriented programming  and java programming language
    • Develop and implement automation testing framework with Selenium Webdriver and Java
    • Understand the concept of Performance Testing and use widely popular tool Load Runner
    • Develop appealing resume and learn effective interview techniques.

    Part I– Manual and Backend Testing

    1. Software development life cycle

    • Software Development Lifecycle
    • Understanding technical document
    • Software development Methodologies
    • Software Testing Process and types
    • Requirement Analysis and Defect life cycle

    2. Testing Technique and Best Practices

    • Managing Software Testing with Jira
    • Managing software testing in Quality center
    • Testing coverage and reporting
    • Development of test plan and test cases
    • Testing Artifacts Boundary value Analysis

    3. Database basic and Back End Testing

    • Concept of Relational Database
    • SQL Query Basic
    • Joins, sub queries, stored procedures, views, curser, dynamic queries
    • Project 1: Creating database and data query
    • Basic concept of back end testing
    • Project 2: Backend testing

    4. Linux for Testing

    • Linux environment basics and installation
    • Basic command and Syntax in Linux
    • Installing software and running jobs
    • Linux shell scripting

    5. Interview Technique and Updating Resume

    • Highlighting experience and skill
    • IT interview process
    • Face to face interview practice
    • Review of resume and questioners

    Part II – Automation

    6. Object Oriented Programming in Java

    • Object oriented Programming basics
    • Installation of Eclipse and its interface
    • Class, Object, Method and Inheritance
    • Data type, Operator, Conditional Loops
    • Strings, Array, Collection and Error Handling

    7. Test Automation in Selenium Webdriver

    • Introduction to test automation
    • Selenium IED and Wbedriver
    • Writing script for web application testing
    • Xpath, CSS, HTML and XML
    • Cross Browser Testing , Ajax and Pop UP
    • Test Automation Frameworks
    • Web Project 1: Data Driven Framework
    • Web Project 2: Key word Driven Framework

    Part III – Software Performance Testing

    8. Non Functional Requirement testing

    • Core Activities of performance testing
    • Non- functional requirements and key types of Performance testing

    9. Performance Testing with Load Runner

    • Load Runner components and Protocol
    • Vugen Recording, Runtime settings, Action files,
    • Transactions, Check Points, Parameterization
    • Manual and automatic correlation
    • Controller, Scheduling , Running load test
    • Monitoring, Analysis and reporting


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    • 10 Days

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