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Programming in C# and .Net

Programming in C# and .Net This course introduces developers to Microsoft .Net Framework and ASP.Net architecture. Create ASP.Net applications by …


    Programming in C# and .Net

    This course introduces developers to

    • Microsoft .Net Framework and ASP.Net architecture.
    • Create ASP.Net applications by using Visual Studio .Net
    • Internet Information Services architecture
    • C# programming language features, structures, and objected oriented Capabilities.
    • Create and populate ASP.Net Web Forms
    • Utilizes ASP.Net server controls on ASP.Net Web Forms
    • ADO.Net architecture and creation of data driven Web Forms and OOP designs using C#.


    1. No previous Web Development and/or database work experience necessary.
    2. Students are encouraged to get familiar HTML, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, and Transact-SQL, and stored procedures.

    Lecture 1:  Introduction to Microsoft.Net Framework Software Development

    • Introduction to Microsoft.Net Architecture
    • Getting to know Visual Studio .Net Integration Development Environment (IDE)
    • Understanding components of Web-based application development
    • Prepare personal desktop for .Net development

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Develop simple .Net Windows Application
    • Develop simple .Net Console Application
    • Develop simple ASP.Net Application

    Lecture 2:  Introduction to C# Programming Language

    • Defining Variables
    • Flow Control (Conditional/Loops)
    • Data types (Predefined/Value/Reference)
    • Classes, Structures
    • Exceptional handling
    • Using Base Class Library
    • Programming guideline

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Visual Studio .Net (Tips and tricks)
    • Programming C# using Visual Studio .Net 2008
    • Writing C# library components

    Lecture 3:  C# Object Oriented Programming      with C#

    • Overloading/Overwriting methods/operators
    • Delegates and Events
    • Interfaces and Inheritance
    • Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Design banking object model (using design patterns)
    • Create banking library components

    Lecture 4:  ASP.Net architecture

    • Introduction to Web Forms architecture
    • Designing and Populating Web Forms with HTML tags and server controls
    • Adding event procedures to Web Server controls
    • Introduction to Internet Information Services (IIS) web server architecture
    • Creating a Web Site and Web Applications

    Hands-On Lab:

    • Create Web Site
    • Create Survey Entry Form
    • Create banking application

     Lecture 5:  ASP.Net Architecture (Continued…)

    • Anatomies of an ASP.Net application
    • Web Form Life Cycle
    • State Managements – Application State/Session State/Cookie State/View State
    • ASP.Net Caching – Optimizing Web Form page performance
    • Configuring Web Application

    Hands-On Lab

    • Create authentication and authorization module
    • Enable ASP.Net banking application to be state-full

    Week 6: Testing, Debugging, Deployment and Maintenance

    • The ASP.NET application developing environment setup and considerations;
    • Testing and debugging of the Web pages; Deployment: Self-hosting and Service provider hosting;
    • Hands-on Practice: Testing, Debugging and deploying the Adventure Store Web Application.

     Lecture 6:  ASP.Net Server Controls

    • Overview of ASP.Net Server Controls
    • HTML and Web Form Servers Controls
    • Design time and Run-time control creation
    • Introduction to User Controls

    Hand-On Lab :

    • Create banking application (continued…)

    Lecture 7:  ADO.Net architecture

    • Introduction to ADO.Net object model
    • Using ADO.Net to manipulating SQL Server 2005 database
    • Binding data ADO.Net to ASP.Net list-bound server controls.
    • What is new in SQL Server 2005

    Hands-On Lab :

    • Connecting to SQL Server 2005
    • Performing updates to data via ADO.Net
    • Retrieving data from database using ADO.Net
    • Binding retrieved data to ASP.Net controls
    • Convert banking application to database driven application

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    • 10 Days

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