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Office Specialist

Part I: Office Procedures Unit 1: Understanding the Changing Workplace Unit 2. Mastering Technology Unit 3: Succeeding in the Work …


    Part I: Office Procedures

    • Unit 1: Understanding the Changing Workplace
    • Unit 2. Mastering Technology
    • Unit 3: Succeeding in the Work Environment
    • Unit 4: Writing and presenting successfully
    • Unit 5: Handling travel, Meetings, and mail
    • Unit 6: Planning and Managing your Career

    Part II: English for Business Communication

    • Unit 1. Fundamental strategies for the beginning writer and advanced strategies for the more highly skilled students.
    • Unit 2. Apply writing skills to a variety of e-mails, memos, letters, reports, and resumes.
    • Unit 3. Realistic model documents and structured writing assignments build lasting workplace skills.

    Part III. Introduction to Personal Computers

    Topics will cover the evolution of computers, types of PCs, the Input-Process-Output cycle, and fundamental computer skills. Students will learn how to switch on a PC, identify system components, use input and output devices, manage disk drives, and change monitor settings. They will also learn how to manage files and folders, use e-mail, and browse the Web with Internet Explorer.

    1. Microsoft Windows XP

    • Working with Desktop tools
    • Getting Around in Windows XP
    • Customizing your desktop for the way you work
    • Using programs and accessories to do your work
    • Setting up a filing system
    • Managing files and disks

    2. The Internet

    • The web on your desktop
    • Stuff to do once to make your life easier
    • Finding people and things on the web
    • E-mail: you have new mail
    • Joining mailing lists
    • Usenet and Intranet newsgroups
    • Chatting, conferencing, and virtual worlds
    • Moving files and controlling remote sites
    • A web design primer
    • Going live on the web

    Part IV: Keyboarding

    This interactive software combines new key learning and skill building lessons with document production software for Word 2007. It provides students with a fun and motivating way to master the keyboard and delivers immediate feedback on keyboarding and proofreading skills.

    Part V: Microsoft Office 2010

     Microsoft Word 

    Creating and saving documents

    • Using Microsoft word to customize your documents
    • Starting Microsoft word
    • Exploring the Microsoft word document window
    • Typing text
    • Correcting mistakes as you type
    • Displaying special characters
    • Improving document creation by using AutoText entries
    • Inserting and deleting text to edit your document
    • Undoing your changes
    • Inserting dates quickly
    • Saving your documents
    • One step further: creating a letter by using the letter wizard

    2. Moving and copy text

    • Opening a document
    • Disabling automatic spell checking and automatic grammar checking
    • Selecting the best view for examining your document
    • Moving and copy text by dragging
    • Copying and moving text using buttons
    • One step further: summarizing a document

    3. Changing the appearance of text

    • Applying character and paragraph formatting
    • Displaying more of the document at once
    • Changing paragraph alignment
    • Setting indents
    • Creating bulleted and numbered lists
    • Setting custom indents by using the ruler
    • Aligning text by using tabs
    • Adding borders to a paragraph
    • Changing paragraph spacing
    • One step further: creating an instant resume by using the resume wizard

    4. Printing your document

    • Previewing your document
    • Editing text while previewing
    • Inserting page breaks
    • Printing your document and envelope
    • One Step further: shrinking a document to fit

    5. Increasing editing productivity

    • Identifying and replacing text
    • Storing and inserting AutoText entries
    • Checking spelling and grammar
    • Locating specific parts of a document
    • Replacing a word by using the thesaurus
    • One step further: finding and replacing special characters

    6. Establishing the look of page

    • Setting up document pages
    • Creating headers and footers
    • Numbering different parts of a document
    • Inserting footnotes
    • One step further: Inserting AutoText entries by using the header and footer toolbar

    Microsoft Excel

    • Entering worksheet data
    • Navigating an excel worksheet
    • Selecting cell ranges using mouse
    • Selecting cell ranges using keyboard
    • Editing a single cell
    • Editing block of cells
    • Moving cells and ranges
    • Copying cells and ranges
    • Naming individual cells
    • Removing a cell name
    • Creating numeric patterns
    • Adjusting column width
    • Applying character formats
    • Formatting numeric content
    • Applying borders to a cell or range of cells
    • Applying shading to cells
    • Naming worksheets
    • Inserting and removing worksheets
    • Creating identical worksheets
    • Using AutoSum formula
    • Calculating an AVERAGE
    • Using COUNT and COUNTIF
    • Building formulas in Excel
    • Repeating formulas through a range of cells
    • Building a list database in excel
    • Using AutoComplete to speed data entry
    • Sorting Excel database records
    • Filtering Excel data
    • Hiding database columns and rows
    • Creating and using charts


    • Planning a PowerPoint presentation
    • Choosing a design for presentation
    • Selecting a slide layout
    • Building a presentation in the outline panel
    • Entering title and bulleted text
    • Formatting slide text
    • Creating text boxes
    • Adding and deleting slides
    • Changing slide layout
    • Working with tables
    • Creating an organization chart (hierarchy)
    • Creating charts to illustrate numeric data
    • Editing chart data
    • Formatting chart appearance
    • Creating a pie chart
    • Adding clip art images
    • Moving and resizing clip art
    • Inserting a graphic file
    • Drawing shapes and lines
    • Manipulating drawn objects
    • Adding text to AutoShapes
    • Changing the appearance of shapes and lines
    • Applying slide transitions
    • Animating bulleted text
    • Customizing animation and sounds
    • Automating PowerPoint presentation
    • Recording PowerPoint narration
    • Saving presentation as a show
    • Using the PowerPoint View


    • Creating Access database
    • Setting up database fields
    • Using input masks to control data entry
    • Maintaining database consistency with field validation
    • Creating additional database tables
    • Entering data to database tables
    • Creating data entry forms
    • Changing the order of the table fields
    • Inserting a new table field
    • Deleting a table field
    • Editing data in database tables
    • Sorting data in database tables
    • Extracting useful data with a database query
    • Saving and using database queries
    • Selecting database records with filters
    • Building database reports
    • Establishing database table relationships
    • Integrating Access database tables into Excel list database
    • Creating Access database tables from Excel list database

    Part VI: Bookkeeping with QuickBooks and Peachtree

    This training program teaches student knowledge and skills included Accounting Principles, Financial Statements, Payroll and Budgets, Tax Services, Audits, as well as analysis of business transactions. After completion of this course, you will be able to perform variety of basic and moderately complex accounting tasks. Also, you will learn how to perform specialized accounting functions as well as financial planning and analysis.

    I. Introduction to Accounting

    • Accounting Principles
    • Cash
    • Original Investment
    • Assets
    • Liabilities
    • Notes Payable
    • Owner’s Equity
    • Balance Sheets
    • Inventory
    • Earnings
    • Expenses
    • Gross Profit
    • Net Profit
    • Income Statements
    • Cash Flow
    • Retained Earnings
    • Loans
    • Credit
    • Accounts Payable
    • Notes Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Prepaid Expenses
    • Accrual Method
    • Accounting Practice

    II. Introduction to Taxation

    • Fundamental
    • Tax rates
    • Taxable income
    • Gross income; personal deductions
    • Capital gains
    • Retirement savings and fringe benefit plans
    • Credits
    • Social Security tax
    • Withholding of tax
    • Tax returns

    III. Accounting with QuickBooks

    It introduces the uses of accounting software to keep the record of a company’s business transactions.

    • Quick Books Tour
    • Setting up a Business with QuickBooks
    • Using Navigator and Preferences
    • Transaction Analysis
    • Accounting Equations
    • Recording Credit and Debit
    • Setting up Customer Jobs
    • Setting up Vendors
    • Setting up Inventory
    • Setting up Bank Accounts
    • Managing Petty Cash
    • Creating Lists with QuickBooks
    • Recording Deposits
    • Recording Payments
    • Tracking Accounts Payable
    • Tracking Accounts Receivable
    • Reconciling Bank Statement
    • Adjusting QuickBooks Registers
    • Creating Financial Statements
    • Adjusting QuickBooks Registers
    • Managing Sales Tax
    • Managing Payroll
    • Creating Customized Reports
    • Exporting and Importing Data
    • Advanced QuickBooks Features
    • QuickBooks and MS Office 2000

    IV. Accounting with Peachtree

    It introduces the uses of accounting software to keep the record of a company’s business transactions.

    • Setting up a Business with Peachtree
    • Managing General Ledger
    • Managing Accounts Receivable
    • Managing Accounts Payable
    • Managing Payroll
    • Inventory Control
    • Tracking Fixed Assets
    • Job Costing with Peachtree
    • Billing with Peachtree
    • Creating Customized Reports
    • Using Management Tools
    • Advanced Peachtree Features

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