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Office Computer Expert

Office Computer Expert (Windows Basic / Internet/ Word / Excel / PowerPoint /Access) I. Basic Office Computer Skills Working with …


    Office Computer Expert

    (Windows Basic / Internet/ Word / Excel / PowerPoint /Access)

    I. Basic Office Computer Skills

    • Working with Desktop tools
    • Getting Around in Windows 2000/XP
    • Customizing your desktop for the way you work
    • Using programs and accessories to do your work
    • Setting up a filing system
    • Managing files and disks
    • Creating and saving documents
    • Moving and copy text
    • Changing the appearance of text
    • Printing your document
    • Increasing editing productivity
    • Establishing the look of page

    II. Microsoft Word 2007

    Unit 1. Creating and saving documents

    • Using Microsoft word to customize your documents
    • Starting Microsoft word
    • Exploring the Microsoft word document window
    • Typing text
    • Correcting mistakes as you type
    • Displaying special characters
    • Improving document creation by using AutoText entries
    • Inserting and deleting text to edit your document
    • Undoing your changes
    • Inserting dates quickly
    • Saving your documents
    • One step further: creating a letter by using the letter wizard

    Unit 2. Moving and copy text

    • Opening a document
    • Disabling automatic spell checking and automatic grammar checking
    • Selecting the best view for examining your document
    • Moving and copy text by dragging
    • Copying and moving text using buttons
    • One step further: summarizing a document

    Unit 3. Changing the appearance of text

    • Applying character and paragraph formatting
    • Displaying more of the document at once
    • Changing paragraph alignment
    • Setting indents
    • Creating bulleted and numbered lists
    • Setting custom indents by using the ruler
    • Aligning text by using tabs
    • Adding borders to a paragraph
    • Changing paragraph spacing
    • One step further: creating an instant resume by using the resume wizard

    Unit 4. Printing your document

    • Previewing your document
    • Editing text while previewing
    • Inserting page breaks
    • Printing your document
    • Printing an envelope
    • One Step further: shrinking a document to fit

    Unit 5. Increasing editing productivity

    • Identifying and replacing text
    • Storing and inserting AutoText entries
    • Checking spelling and grammar
    • Locating specific parts of a document
    • Replacing a word by using the thesaurus
    • One step further: finding and replacing special characters

    Unit 6. Establishing the look of page

    • Setting up document pages
    • Creating headers and footers
    • Numbering different parts of a document
    • Inserting footnotes
    • One step further: Inserting AutoText entries by using the header and footer toolbar

    III. Microsoft Excel 2007

    • Entering worksheet data
    • Navigating an excel worksheet
    • Selecting cell ranges using mouse
    • Selecting cell ranges using keyboard
    • Editing a single cell
    • Editing block of cells
    • Moving cells and ranges
    • Copying cells and ranges
    • Naming individual cells
    • Removing a cell name
    • Creating numeric patterns
    • Adjusting column width
    • Applying character formats
    • Formatting numeric content
    • Applying borders to a cell or range of cells
    • Applying shading to cells
    • Naming worksheets
    • Inserting and removing worksheets
    • Creating identical worksheets
    • Using AutoSum formula
    • Calculating an AVERAGE
    • Using COUNT and COUNTIF
    • Building formulas in Excel
    • Repeating formulas through a range of cells
    • Building a list database in excel
    • Using AutoComplete to speed data entry
    • Sorting Excel database records
    • Filtering Excel data
    • Hiding database columns and rows
    • Creating and using charts

    V. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

    • Using the PowerPoint Viewer
    • Planning a PowerPoint presentation
    • Choosing a design for presentation
    • Selecting a slide layout
    • Building a presentation in the outline panel
    • Entering title and bulleted text
    • Formatting slide text
    • Creating text boxes
    • Adding and deleting slides
    • Changing slide layout
    • Working with tables
    • Creating an organization chart (hierarchy)
    • Creating charts to illustrate numeric data
    • Editing chart data
    • Formatting chart appearance
    • Creating a pie chart
    • Adding clip art images
    • Moving and resizing clip art
    • Inserting a graphic file
    • Drawing shapes and lines
    • Manipulating drawn objects
    • Adding text to AutoShapes
    • Changing the appearance of shapes and lines
    • Applying slide transitions
    • Animating bulleted text
    • Customizing animation and sounds
    • Automating PowerPoint presentation
    • Recording PowerPoint narration
    • Saving presentation as a show

    IV. Microsoft Access 2007

    • Creating Access database
    • Setting up database fields
    • Using input masks to control data entry
    • Maintaining database consistency with field validation
    • Creating additional database tables
    • Entering data to database tables
    • Creating data entry forms
    • Changing the order of the table fields
    • Inserting a new table field
    • Deleting a table field
    • Editing data in database tables
    • Sorting data in database tables
    • Extracting useful data with a database query
    • Saving and using database queries
    • Selecting database records with filters
    • Building database reports
    • Establishing database table relationships
    • Integrating Access database tables into Excel list database
    • Creating Access database tables from Excel list database

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