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English as a Second Language – Intermediate

English as a Second Language – Intermediate Compu21 offers flexible programs for ESL courses. Students in the Beginning, Intermediate and …

    English as a Second Language – Intermediate

    Compu21 offers flexible programs for ESL courses.

    Students in the Beginning, Intermediate and Advance Programs of instruction and practice in all key skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading & writing. Our ESL classes encourage the students to make rapid progress in English, allowing them to participate more fully in American life in the shortest possible time.


    Listening & Speaking

    Reading & Writing



    Setting Goals

    • Daily routines
    • Family responsibilities
    • Goals
    • Ask for focused repetition
    • Jobs and success
    • Write long- and short-term goals
    • Read and write about personal goals
    • Read about career plans
    • Past time clauses with when
    • Future time clauses with when



    • Different types of housing
    • Report housing problems
    • Describe a house
    • Evaluate a house for sale
    • Phone conversations with real estate agents
    • Phone conversations between tenants and landlords
    • Read housing ads
    • Read a floor plan
    • Take notes on telephone conversations
    • Read and take notes on a rental agreement
    • Read the Fair Housing Act
    • Comparative and superlative adjectives
    • as + adjective + as


    Healthy Living

    • Healthy and unhealthy behavior
    • Conversations between patients and doctors
    • Give health advice
    • Read a health history questionnaire
    • Write about a health problem
    • Read about hotlines and emergency services
    • Write a letter asking for advice
    • Present perfect
    • Simple past and present perfect


    Money and Consumer Issues

    • Offer polite disagreement
    • Big purchases
    • Conversations between customers and car salespeople
    • Read a vehicle warranty
    • Read general product warranties
    • Read a glossary of banking terms
    • Gerunds


    Accidents and Emergencies

    • Work injuries
    • Personal injuries
    • Conversations between employees and employers
    • Safety procedures
    • Health hazards
    • Fill out accident reports
    • Read a first aid guide
    • Read and understand an evacuation plan diagram
    • Read about safety and rights on the job
    • Past continuous
    • Simple past and past continuous



    • Rules in the community
    • Conversations between citizens and authorities
    • Conversations between drivers and police officers
    • Differences in laws in different cultures
    • Accept criticism
    • Read a newspaper article
    • Read a crime report
    • Infinitives



    • Ask questions about a position
    • Qualities of the workplace
    • Benefits
    • Finding a job
    • Conversations between employers and job applicants
    • Conversations between receptions and applicants
    • Read about workplace benefits
    • Read online job listings
    • Read two types of resumes
    • Read a write a cover letter
    • Write a resume
    • Real conditionals



    • Communication skills
    • Communication at work
    • Phone skills: conversations and messages
    • Read sample answering messages
    • Read and write persuasive paragraphs
    • Present unreal conditional statements



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