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English as a Second Language – Beginners

English as a Second Language – Beginners Compu21 offers flexible programs for ESL courses. Students in the Beginning, Intermediate and …


    English as a Second Language – Beginners

    Compu21 offers flexible programs for ESL courses.

    Students in the Beginning, Intermediate and Advance Programs of instruction and practice in all key skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading & writing. Our ESL classes encourage the students to make rapid progress in English, allowing them to participate more fully in American life in the shortest possible time.



    Listening & Speaking

    Reading & Writing


    • Meeting new people
    • Alphabet
    • Greetings
    • Countries
    • Classroom language
    • Classroom objects
    • Emergency information form
    • Learning log
    • Introduce yourself
    • Say the name of the country you come from
    • Listen and identify classroom objects
    • Say your telephone number, address, and email address
    • Ask for the spelling of words
    • Listen to and practice simple dialogs
    • Follow classroom directions
    • Read and write alphabet letters
    • Interpret basic sight words
    • Write proper names, countries, and classroom words
    • Examine classroom commands
    • Write and read personal information
    • Write new vocabulary in a learning log


    • Native language
    • Country of origin
    • Marriage
    • Physical appearance
    • Address
    • Identification form
    • Collect information from classmates
    • Say the name of the country you come from
    • Say the language you speak
    • Recognize differences in marital status
    • Discuss hair and eye color
    • Fill in information on a chart
    • Write personal information statements
    • Use writing to describe height
    • Identify vocabulary that describes physical appearance
    • Read and write words for select countries and languages


    • Relatives
    • Name titles
    • Family tree
    • Photo album
    • Ages
    • Census
    • Ask questions about family
    • Discuss family members with classmates
    • Ask about someone’s age
    • Listen to information about a census
    • Say name titles
    • Recognize numbers 20-100
    • Write family position words
    • Read names using titles
    • Make your own family tree
    • Examine classroom commands
    • Read short sentences about a family
    • Complete a census form
    Grammar Spotlight for Unit 1-3: Pronouns, Present tense of BE, Present tense of HAVE


    • Rooms in a house
    • Items in a house
    • Types of houses
    • Household needs
    • Your dream house
    • Garage sales
    • Listen to and recognize the rooms in a house
    • Discuss household items
    • Learn the names of different types of housing
    • Talk about household needs
    • Differentiate between numbers that sound alike (18 vs. 80)
    • Write the names of the rooms in a house
    • Review a paragraph about a new apartment
    • Write and read about a dream house
    • Read a paragraph about garage sales


    • Daily activities
    • Days of the week
    • Months and dates
    • Time
    • Movies
    • Appointments
    • Medical history form
    • Discuss your daily activities
    • Say the days of the week
    • Say the months in a year
    • Talk about movie times
    • Use the telephone to make appointments
    • Listen to ordinal numbers
    • Read the time on clocks and watches
    • Complete a calendar for the week
    • Recognize abbreviations for months
    • Write times on a calendar
    • Read information about study times
    • Write and read ordinal numbers
    • Complete a medical history form


    • Clothes
    • Colors
    • Clothing sizes
    • Money
    • Paying by check
    • Listen to and identify articles of clothing
    • Ask for what you need in a store
    • Ask about clothing size
    • Say color words
    • Ask about favorite colors
    • Read and write clothing words
    • Complete a chart about clothing sizes
    • Write sentences about your clothing size
    Grammar Spotlight for Unit 4-6: Singular and Plural Nouns, A / An, Simple present tense of regular verbs


    • Grocery shopping
    • Food
    • Food groups
    • Containers for food
    • Meals
    • Potluck dinner
    • Listen for the names of food items
    • Talk about a shopping list
    • Discuss breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods
    • Order in a restaurant
    • Ask and answer questions about foods you eat
    • Make a shopping list
    • Read the names of food items
    • Complete a chart about location of foods in a supermarket
    • Read a paragraph about pot luck dinners


    • Weather
    • Seasons
    • Leisure activities
    • Temperature
    • U.S. map
    • Discuss different types of weather
    • Listen to and discuss leisure activities
    • Discuss activities you like to do in different seasons
    • Talk about temperature in a city
    • Read and write about the seasons
    • Recognize weather-related vocabulary
    • Write sentences about weather
    • Interpret a weather map


    • Neighborhood map
    • Places in the community
    • Banking
    • ATM
    • Talk about places you see in your neighborhood
    • Ask and answer questions about the location of neighborhood places
    • Ask your classmates what places they live near
    • Ask your partner where they do things
    • Read a neighborhood map
    • Write sentences about the location of neighborhood places
    • Read about depositing money into a savings account
    • Read about how to use an ATM
    Grammar Spotlight for Unit 7-9: Present continuous, Question words (where, how, what)


    • Health problems
    • Medicine
    • Healthy food
    • Exercise
    • Health insurance
    • Listen and respond to dialogs about illness
    • Express physical pain
    • Make a doctor’s appointment for your child
    • Discuss medicines and remedies
    • Listen to information about health insurance
    • Follow TPR directions
    • Recognize words for physical ailments
    • Chart health problems and remedies
    • Read about staying fit and healthy
    • Interpret a health insurance card


    • Jobs
    • Workplaces
    • Driving
    • Want ads
    • Paycheck
    • Job application
    • Talk about jobs
    • Say what jobs conditions you like
    • Say what work-related skills you can do
    • Ask and answer questions with affirmative and negative responses
    • Examine the tools different jobs require
    • Complete sentences about what you and others can do
    • Read want ads
    • Fill in a form about what your job was before
    • Complete sentences about paychecks
    • Practice with a job application


    • Transportation
    • Directions to places in the community
    • Learner’s permit
    • Road signs
    • Bus schedule
    • Practice dialogs about methods of transportation
    • Differentiate among left, right, and straight ahead
    • Follow directions in the community
    • Listen to dialogs about time phrases
    • Ask when the next bus or train leaves
    • Use a community map to give directions
    • Analyze a bus schedule
    • Complete sentences about a learner’s permit
    • Read and respond to road signs
    Grammar Spotlight for Unit 10-12: Can / can’t, Prepositions of place

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