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English as a Second Language – Advanced

English as a Second Language – Advanced Compu21 offers flexible programs for ESL courses. Students in the Beginning, Intermediate and …


    English as a Second Language – Advanced

    Compu21 offers flexible programs for ESL courses.

    Students in the Beginning, Intermediate and Advance Programs of instruction and practice in all key skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading & writing. Our ESL classes encourage the students to make rapid progress in English, allowing them to participate more fully in American life in the shortest possible time.


    Listening & Speaking

    Reading & Writing



    Skills and Abilities

    • Continuing education
    • Personal and professional goals
    • Telephone behavior
    • Job interviews
    • Success
    • Complete a class registration form
    • Read a write about types of skills
    • Read a success story
    • Read about career plans
    • Direct and indirect yes/noand wh-questions


    Getting Around

    • Solving transportation problems
    • Automobile insurance
    • Traffic accident and car repair
    • Making car and travel reservations
    • Travel schedules
    • Read an insurance policy
    • Read automobile insurance terms
    • Read a bus schedule
    • Read about travel options
    • Fill out accident reports
    • Past form of should
    • Past form of could



    • Health emergency
    • Health professionals and specialties
    • Phone conversations between patients and doctors’ offices
    • Clarify information
    • Food labels and nutrition
    • Immunizations
    • Healthy and unhealthy diets
    • Read nutrition labels
    • Read an online schedule book
    • Write appointments in a schedule book
    • Read about immunizations
    • Adverb clauses of time
    • Adverb clauses of reason and contrast


    Rights and Responsibilities

    • Marches and protests
    • Rights and responsibilities
    • Social issues
    • Educational systems
    • Government agencies
    • Unions
    • Express agreement and disagreement
    • Read about marches and protests
    • Read charts about education in the U.S.
    • Read about acronyms vs. initials
    • Active and passive verbs
    • Forming the passive


    Consumer News and Views

    • Advertising
    • Shopping and comparison shopping
    • Conversations between customers and salespeople
    • Food shopping tips
    • Finding housing
    • Express doubt
    • Read advertisements
    • Read tips for consumers and means of credit
    • Write a shopping list and compare ads
    • Read tips for food shopping
    • Read housing ads
    • Tag questions


    Rules and Laws

    • Courtrooms and people in them
    • Types of crime and common laws
    • Marriage and driver’s license
    • Paraphrase
    • Traffic tickets
    • Neighborhood problems
    • Read roles of people in a courtroom
    • Read journal entries
    • Read checklists about getting a marriage and driver’s license
    • Read about traffic citations
    • Adjective clauses


    Career Paths

    • Workplace situations
    • Workplace responsibilities and behavior
    • Interviews
    • Ideal employees and employers
    • Workplace tasks
    • Read work rules
    • Read online job postings
    • Write a job description
    • Write job tasks
    • Read an employment application
    • Read a company profile
    • Past perfect
    • Past unreal conditional


    Money Matters

    • Household budgets and expenses
    • Conversations about banking
    • Protecting your money
    • Financial terms
    • Give advice
    • Read about credit cards
    • Write a budget
    • Quoted speech
    • Reported speech


    Work Express

    Choose one of the following subjects that correspond to your career paths:

    • Applied English for Health Care
    • Applied English for Retail Services
    • Applied English for Computer Applications
    • Applied English for Food Services
    • Applied English for Clerical



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