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Setup Menus in Admin Panel


Setup Menus in Admin Panel


EQUIPMENT LIST: 8 Cisco 1240 AG series AP 4 Cisco 2106-K9 wireless LAN controllers 2 WS-3524-PWR-XL-EN (Switches) 10 Cisco aironet …



    • 8 Cisco 1240 AG series AP
    • 4 Cisco 2106-K9 wireless LAN controllers
    • 2 WS-3524-PWR-XL-EN (Switches)
    • 10 Cisco aironet 350 Wireless LAN Adapters.

    Unit 1 

    • Basics of spread spectrum technology( modulation, DSS, OFDM,MIMO, channels, Rate shifting,     CSMA/CAWireless technologies ( Bluetooth, WiMAX, Zigbee, cordless phones).

    Unit 2 

    • Wireless regulatory bodies ( FCC, ETSI, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi alliance)
    • WLAN RF principles ( antenna types, RF gain, loss. EIRP, refraction, reflection, ETC,
    • Wireless networking technologies ( SSID, WLAN ID, interface, VLAN, 802.1q trunking)

    Unit 3 

    • Wireless topologies ( IBSS, BSS, ESS, Point to Point, Point to multipoint, basic mesh, bridging.
    • 802.11 authentication and encryption methods ( open, shared, 802.1x, EAP, TKIP, AES)
    • Frame types ( associated, unassociated, management, control and data frames)

    Unit 4 

    • Cisco unified wireless architecture ( split Mac, LWAPP, stand alone vs controller based AP’s,       hardware)
    • SBCS smart business communication systems, Cisco config agent, CCA, 526WLC, 521AP.
    • Controller based AP deployment ( local, monitor, sniffer, rouge, detector, bridge, HREAP)

    Unit 5 

    • Controller based AP discovery and association ( OTAP, DHCP, DNS, master controller, primary-secondary-tertiary, n+1, redundancy.
    • Roaming, ( layer one, layer two, layer three, , intra controller, inter controller, mobility groups)
    • Configuring the wireless LAN controller and access points, WLC: ports, interfaces WLANS, NTP, CLI and Web UI CLI wizard, LAG AP, channel, power.

    Unit 6 

    • Configuring stand alone AP,s (express set up, basic security.)
    • RRM radio resource management
    • OS WLAN end client configuration.
    • Install Cisco ADU. ( Aironet desktop utility)

    Unit 7 

    • Describe basic CSSC ( Cisco secure services software)  and CCX version 1 through 5 ( Cisco client extensions)
    • Wireless security  authentication( guest, PSK,802.1X, WPA/WPA2, EAPTLS, EAP-FAST, PEAP, LEAP) encryption( WPA/WPA2 with TKIP,AES) MFP,IPS.
    • Authentications sources (PSK, EAP-local or external, radius)

    Unit 8 

    • WCS wireless control system versions and navigator.
    • Install and upgrade WCS ( ports, OS version, strong passwords, service vs application)
    • Configuring controllers and AP’s.
    • WCS maps ( campus, building, floor and AP positioning)

    Unit 9 

    • WCS monitor tabs and alarm summaries.
    • Troubleshooting controllers, AP’s, and clients.
    • RF deployment, VoWLAN, common RF interference sources, devices, building material, signal strength, overlap, RF site survey design related to channel use.
    • WLC show, debug, and logging.

    Unit 10           

    • WCS client trouble shooting tool.
    • Transfer WLC config and OS with maintenance tools and commands.
    • WLC WLAN management access methods ( console port, CLI, telnet, ssh, http, https, wire vs wireless managemnt

    Unit 11            Wireless LAB one

    Unit 12            Wireless LAB two


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