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Advanced VB & ASP.NET

Advanced VB & ASP.NET This 8-Week advanced course is specially designed for those VB.NET developers who have already grasped the …


    Advanced VB & ASP.NET

    This 8-Week advanced course is specially designed for those VB.NET developers who have already grasped the basic knowledge and skills of VB.NET to further enhance their ability to develop sophisticated and robust enterprise level Web applications for the .NET Platform.

    The Feature of the Course:

    Student will participate in developing a complete real world B 2 C Ecommerce Web project and put their hands-on from the design to the deployment.

    Week 1: Web Site Design – User Requirements and N-Tier Architecture

    • The user requirements Analysis; Flow Layout design and computing logic design;
    • How to develop Web User Controls to be shared by pages in the project;
    • How to use Declarative DataBinding to simplify the data presentation;
    • Hands-on Practice: Design the Web Site Diagram and build up template for standard page format.

    Week 2: Developing and Using Web Server Components

    • What are components and how to develop Data components to facility the data presentation;
    • How to use DataList control to present the products information with user defined template;
    • How to create Custom Web controls and use the third party custom controls in your own web page;
    • Hands-on Practice: Develop Catalogue page and Details page.

    Week 3: Presenting Data and Handling Shopping Cart

    • How to use Repeater to gain flexibility to create a shopping cart page;
    • How to use Session object to create a shopping cart DataTable for each user;
    • Hands-on Practice: Develop a shopping cart page.

    Week 4: Web Page Security and Web Configuration

    • Web Site Security – All the considerations: IIS and ASP security layers; Security Modes;
    • How to use Web.config to safeguard the page contents in a particular folder;
    • How to track the user security info and Web Server controls and their features;
    • Hands-on Practice: Develop a login and validation system.

    Week 5: Handle Web Site Transaction and Integrate the Payment System

    • How ADO.NET handles client side transactions; How to send Email to confirm the transactions;
    • Database Store procedure vs. The client side Transaction management;
    • The popular on-line payment services: Merchant and PayPal; How they work.
    • Hands-on Practice and Case study: Create a checkout page; Case study of PayPal integration.

    Week 6: Testing, Debugging, Deployment and Maintenance

    • The ASP.NET application developing environment setup and considerations;
    • Testing and debugging of the Web pages; Deployment: Self-hosting and Service provider hosting;
    • Hands-on Practice: Testing, Debugging and deploying the Adventure Store Web Application.

    Week 7: XML Web Services – The Future Trend in the Software Industry

    • What is XML and why XML; XML syntax, formats and accessibility; Data sharing in Internet;
    • Using Microsoft .Net classes to access and manipulate the XML Documents;
    • What is XML Web Services and how they work cross platform; Why XML Web Services;
    • Hands-on Practice: Write a Web page to utilize the XML documents to transform and present the data.

    Week 8: Write your Own Web Services; Utilize the Third Party’s Web Services

    • How to create XML Web Services in Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Using VB.NET;
    • The market structure: UDDI market places; Major providers;
    • The guideline for searching XML Services on line; How to integrate it into your application;
    • Hands-on Practice: Write your own Web Service and use it in your applications; Searching on line for XML Web Services and integrate it into your own application.

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    • 10 Days

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