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Setup Menus in Admin Panel


Setup Menus in Admin Panel

Advanced ASP.Net Web Application using C#

Advanced ASP.Net Web Application using C# Advanced Asp.Net Concepts System.Web.UI.Page architecture (How well do we understand a Web Form page?) …


    Advanced ASP.Net Web Application using C#

    Advanced Asp.Net Concepts

    • System.Web.UI.Page architecture (How well do we understand a Web Form page?)
    • Transferring data between Web Forms (Tips & Tricks)
    • Page templating concepts (Most Websites uses page templates)
    • What is in ASP.Net 3.5

    Hands On:
    Design and create page template
    Create template-driven Web Form pages

    ADO.Net Advance Tips & Tricks

    • How to:  Using batch update with DataSet and stored procedures
    • Data Application Block and Enterprise Library (Lets not reinvent the wheel)
    • Leveraging transactions (How to)
    • How to: use typed DataSet.
    • What is in ADO.Net 3.5

    Hands On: 
    ADO.Net exercises:
    write transactions based ADO.Net code.
    Write batch updating DataSet in ASP.Net.

    Asp.Net Controls

    • Effectively using PlaceHolder, HtmlGenericControl, Literal controls(using under documented simple controls)
    • Effectively using templated DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater controls(using powerful display controls)
    • User control vs. Custom control (How many types of controls are there?)
    • How to:  create user controls and Custom control

    Hands On:
    Various exercises in using PlaceHolder, Html Generic Control, and Literal controls
    Create data driven survey user control
    Creating data driven survey custom control

    Component Services

    • Microsoft .Net Interpretability (ASPè.Net Component, .Net ComponentèCOM)
    • COM+ Applications (Library vs. Server applications)
    • COM+ Services (Object Pooling, Construction String, Role-based Security, DTC)
    • Installing and running COM+ Applications
    • How many Microsoft .Net command line tools do we need?

    Hands On:
    Creating On-Line banking data and business tier components in COM+ Services.

    Diagnostics and Error Handling

    • Structured Exception Handling (Why do we throw and what do we catch?)
    • ASP.Net application tracing and error handling (What is going on in my Web Form?)
    • Trace Switches and Listeners (Tracing exactly what I need.)
    • Creating and Installing Custom Event Logs (Creating an Event Log exclusively for my application)

    Hands On:
    Various configuration and coding exercise for diagnosing and handling ASP.Net errors
    Create and install custom Event Log
    Create trace enabled application

    Performance Caching & State Management

    • Identify various state storage requirements
    • How to:  use application, session, cookie, and view states
    • Explore session state storage options
    • Caching options – partial caching, output caching, and application caching

    Hands On:
    Implement available session state storages
    Apply various caching to Web forms
    Create fully and partially cached Web forms

    Web Services

    • Understanding WSDL, SOAP.
    • How to: Create and consume ASP.Net web services.
    • Web service and database transaction

    Hands On:
    Create Credit Card Authorization Web Services

    Bonus Topics (Mini Topics)

    • Configuring ASP.Net application (web.config)
    • Advanced configuration for application settings
    • Serialization and De-serialization (Binary, Soap, and Xml)
    • Security – Securing ASP.Net application, Cryptographic services, and Role-based security

    Hands On:
    Create tool sets: Symmetric Encryption and Decryption
    Create  customized classes for customized configuration.
    Saving and loading serialize data from file

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